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Preserving the Ancestry of Greeks in the West
This site is part of the Western Hellenic Library to be housed within the Ethnic and Mining Museum of Magna  near Salt Lake City, Utah. Please go to the Museum's website for information about this project.

Although the Museum will provide information about all ethnic groups, this site will focus on family histories of Greeks who immigrated to the Western U.S. in the early 1900s.  Many were single men who came to work in the mines and on the railroads of the West before they and their posterity spread throughout America.

For example, US Census reports 3 Greeks living in Utah in 1900. The number jumped to 3,500 in 1910. Most of these lived in the mining settlements
near the Utah Copper Mine (Kennecott) and ore processing facilities in Salt Lake County, or in the coal mining communities near Price, Utah.

Subscribers can currently view information on 4,800 Greek descendants by visiting the "Greeks in the West" tree on Ancestry.com. Free access to just the lineage data is available on Community Trees and RootsWeb WorldConnect, but without the photos and other attachments.  References to source records (e.g., Census, death, draft registration, etc.) are included.  The Museum is working to provide free access to all of the content  at "Community Trees," as well as similar information about other ethnic groups in the future.  

Assistance in identifying other descendants of ethnic groups from the mining communities is welcome.
  Currently we are working on Greeks from Bingham Canyon, Carbon County and Magna, Utah. 

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Phone:      801 230-0636
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